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Blockchain - The best choice for asset digitization
Characteristics of blockchain technology
To achieve a certain purpose, technology can only be used when a better solution can be obtained. You cannot stick to the technology itself and forget the original direction. Blockchain is the best choice for the digitization of various assets. It is precisely because the blockchain solves the problem of valuable communication and decentralization, it is considered the most disruptive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet, and it is also known as the next-generation "Internet of Value". More and more companies are well aware of the powerful energy contained in blockchain technology and are actively developing industrial layouts, and business application scenarios have also touched more and more industries and fields.
Cannot be tampered with, transaction security
Blockchain reconstructs the Internet retail industry
Smart Finance
Open closed loop ecosystem
The vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain and the horizontally expanded open ecosystem are intertwined to form a matrix structure, which together constitute a complete closed-loop ecosystem for WMC.
Each link in the WMC ecosystem forms a self-contained system, enabling the WMC ecosystem to self-circulate, self-incubate, self-evolve, and self-innovate, and continue to create new digital asset values.
Open ecology based on big data
WMC open ecological big data provides data services for users in all aspects. On the one hand, it is to understand user needs through big data and provide users with required service content; on the other hand, it is for every project, every enterprise, and every business in the ecology. Provide user big data services for its listing.
WMC big data provides more data support for ecological construction and recycling, accelerates the implementation of various applications, and provides users with a sense of security and trust.
Vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain
The closed-loop ecological chain of WMC  vertical integration is based on WMC asset circulation, blockchain finance, and application landing. Through the closed-loop vertical integration of the three-tier structure of "asset + finance + application", it breaks the boundaries of industry, organization, and innovation. The synergy of each link, the chemical reaction between the links, the overall fusion effect, and the continuous creation of unique WMC scenarios and application landing. The vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain represents the inevitable integration of digital assets into the global economy.
Scale-out open application ecosystem
The IP5G smart financial ecology is a digital ecology of free trade, conceiving digital asset application scenarios on a global scale and realizing project implementation. Through big data, we will lock a large number of high-quality projects around the world, and provide incubation funds for high-quality projects in various application scenarios through the blockchain asset platform. The open scene ecosystem is a project platform created by global IP5G members and a benign ecosystem for investment. The landing of global scene projects and the gathering of user consumption have effectively driven the local economy!
High-efficiency, low-cost financial services
IP5G's financial super settlement system based on blockchain technology simplifies financial service processes, shortens the time for financial receipt, reduces financial payment costs, and makes global financial transactions simple and efficient.
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