WMC Ecosystem
Open closed loop ecosystem
The vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain and the horizontally expanding open ecosystem are intertwined to form a matrix structure. Together to form a complete, open, closed-loop ecosystem for WMC. Each link in the WMC ecosystem forms its own system, enabling the WMC  ecosystem to be self-circulating, self-incubating, and self-advancing We will continue to create brand new digital asset value through integration and self-innovation
WMC open ecological big data provides data services for users in all aspects. On the one hand, it is to understand user needs through big data and provide users with required service content; on the other hand, it is for every project, every enterprise, and every business in the ecology. Provide user big data services for its listing. WMC big data provides more data support for ecological construction and recycling, accelerates the implementation of various applications, and provides users with a sense of security and trust.
Open ecology based on big data
Vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain
The closed-loop ecological chain of WMC vertical integration is based on WMC G asset circulation, blockchain finance, and application landing. Through the closed-loop vertical integration of the three-tier structure of "asset + finance + application", it breaks the boundaries of industry, organization, and innovation. The synergy of each link, the chemical reaction between the links, the overall fusion effect, and the continuous creation of unique WMC scenarios and application landing. The vertically integrated closed-loop ecological chain represents the inevitable integration of digital assets into the global economy
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