WMC is committed to breaking trade barriers to provide the public with a safe, convenient and efficient free ecological financial digital asset platform. By opening up the connection between digital currency and the physical world, everyone can conveniently use their digital assets anytime, anywhere, and enrich the block The application scenarios of chain technology and digital currency promote its service to business progress and social development.
       The WMC system will help manage general anecdotes and privileges of open source community projects by developing a good governance structure. At the same time, the WMC system assumes the obligation of reasonable use and distribution of funds, and will regularly disclose the use of funds to the public according to the agenda.

IP5G has a very experienced international team. Team members have many years of experience in retail industry, Internet industry, import and export trade, cryptography and virtual currency communities. The IP5G project development team has completed the development of the IP5G prototype
THanthi PhD  Founder & CEO
Founded Pioneer Fintech Company and participated in the start-up and management of established Thai companies. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Jurara University, Ph.D. in Data Science from University of Texas.
Sathapon Patanakua  Co-founder
Founder of Smartcontract (Thailand) Co., Ltd., currently serving as a board member of the Thai Fintech Association and a board member of the Thai Healthtech Association. Sathapon is a computer engineering graduate and has extensive experience in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, and is a technology leader in providing business solutions .
Chatchai PhD Chief Executive Officer of JP Insurance Public Company Limited
Rich experience in finance, banking, insurance and other industries, innovative strategic managers, focusing on energy, innovation and digital technology.
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Jurara University, Ph.D. in Data Science from University of Texas.
Topp Co-founder  Master of Economics, University of Oxford
Regarding blockchain as a destructive technology, OTC market investment banker. Served as financial
Advisor and central bank governor. Topp is a Manchester United fan, world traveler, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Founded
Thailand's leading bitcoin wallet coins.co.th.
Brett Fincaryk CEO of Fintech Association
From the United States, senior digital currency consultant/virtual currency investor/entrepreneur/company executives. Involved areas:
Initial Token issuer, strategist, system science, financial technology, supply chain, blockchain, Internet platform
Platform and cloud, robots, artificial intelligence.
John Li Senior Vice President Digital Marketing Design
More than 10 years of experience in digital industrices, including digitalist marketing and communication in FMCG and financial industries
Skills to bring digital transformation, creative business models and innovative thinking to the entire organization.
Ukaihiroshi CEO & Founder of PUUN Intelligent Co., Ltd.
Developed the core software and hardware of Japan's first electronic payment Felica chip and applied it to mobile payment platform
FelicaNetWoks, the core system of Japan’s first electronic currency Edy, stock trading system and other Internet
And various system software.
Yongthon Li Intellectual Property Consultant
12 years of IT work experience, with certificates such as PMP, ITIL (Expert), MCSE, SCJP, etc., worked as a technical consulting consultant and project management work for a well-known domestic public fund and foreign company, and has a wealth of public fund transaction systems and IDC infrastructure Practical experience in IT industry project management and operation and maintenance.
WMC Core Team
Customer Service Email:WMC @tok6621WMC .cn